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It really is a huge responsibility and honour to be trusted to faithfully record your wedding day as your wedding photographer - it is a lifetime decision for you so I want to help you do everything you can to get the wedding photography you imagine; with the right photographer, you can have a simply amazing experience.

To be truly successful as wedding photographer you must obviously have mastered a plethora of other photographic disciplines – news (or reportage) photography, portraiture, macro, interior, food and, of course, event photography are all important. Lacking in any of those areas is very noticeable in a final set of wedding photos, but getting it all right will mean a treasured set of memories forever. I love the technical challenge of photographing a wedding as well as the endless opportunity to be creative and original as couples, especially brides-to-be, always put so much effort into making the day perfect.

There is another other element though that is equally important - to be there and be seen, and yet not be seen. The art of being unobtrusive is one only really learned through experience - unfailingly calm, friendly and charming, in the correct order of dress always, but also knowing when to come forward or when to meld into the background is a critical judgement for a top wedding photographer.

Although I am based in Hampshire, I've travelled extensively over the UK, Europe, Africa & North America to photograph weddings in all manner of places. However you’ve arrived on this site though, please just check out my wedding portfolios and then simply enter these three boxes below to request pricing and a quote - I'll get straight back to you.

I very much look forward to hearing from you!

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Summer 2021


Wedding Photography

Please have a good look through my portfolio of wedding photography.

I aim to shoot every wedding in a simple, sophisticated and classical style. I don't like many posed shots and much prefer to catch the unguarded candid moments of people enjoying the day. I rely heavily on reportage photography for this - simply shooting the day as it unfolds rather than orchestrating anything.

Inevitably there are moments when I have to step in - posed mantlepiece group shots for instance, but I make a point of having them done inside 25 minutes. Sometimes it helps being in the Army!

Otherwise, I'm always aiming to let things just flow and just capture it all as it happens.


Style & Panache

Slowly, calmly and without you even knowing I'm there - discreet and friendly - I'm always aiming to be just another guest with a camera... And yes, of course I'll be in Morning Dress!

I'm sure you have a host of other questions about the booking process, as well as a myriad of other details, so I've put together a list of frequently asked questions collated from wedding clients over the years.

If there is anything that remains unclear after reading them, please don't hesitate to get in touch directly.

Bride and bride's father about to enter the church - bride is nervous. Black and white shot.
The Details


The cost of wedding photography is usually uppermost in couples’ minds and I know that choosing what you want versus need versus can afford can be a complicated and frustrating process for couples. It is not helped trying to decipher the variety of photographic choices offered by every photographer.

I believe in simplicity. I will hold your hand the whole way through, offering you choices you probably hadn’t even realised were available until we get a good balance of want, need and afford.

I can also help you with many other elements of your wedding should you need it, including catering, DJs, make-up, marquees, and florists.

Pricing-wise, I offer a mixed system of pre-defined photography packages that can be totally ignored in favour of a bespoke package if you prefer, giving you the flexibility to choose what you want.

Simply fill in the three boxes below and I'll send you pricing and quote within 24 hours:

Lovely things said about me


If you are happy with your photographs, I would appreciate it so very much if you put those happy thoughts into words and send them to me (or even write me a review on my Google business profile!)... They mean the world to me!

Here are a few very lovely things said about me by some very happy clients:

A bit lost?

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Life has been more than a bit awkward for all of us over the last year, but hopefully we'll all now be opening up again and organising our summers - wedding planning for this summer, the coming autumn and even 2022 is now in full swing.

If you'd like me to be a part of your wedding as your photographer, simply fill out the quick form below and I'll send you pricing and quote within the day:

What happens next?

The Future

Your wedding is only the beginning of your story – new houses, children, pets, birthday parties, anniversaries and holidays are all yet to come…

I now offer an ongoing lifestyle photography service: for a monthly subscription, I will become your family photographer – newborn photography, birthday parties, or simply just a quarterly family portrait shoot to mark the growing up and coming of age of your children and lives together.

Further, each year, all the photography will be drawn together into a bespoke luxury photography album with your choice of my images, and beautifully decorated with real calligraphy.

As your lives pass together, it will be documented into a series of beautiful books to store your memories of you and your family, ready to be handed down to your children.

If you’d like to know more about this offer, please just ask.

Self Portrait at work!

Done Properly.