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Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a fantastic area of photography to have the privilege to work in. It is a huge responsibility and honour to be trusted to faithfully record your wedding day; it really is a lifetime decision for you so I want to help you do everything you can to get it right.

To be truly successful as wedding photographer you must have mastered a plethora of other photographic disciplines – news (or reportage) photography, portraiture, macro, interior, food and, of course, event photography all are important. Lacking in any of those areas is very noticeable in a final set of wedding photos, but getting it all right will mean a treasured set of memories forever. I love the technical challenge of photographing a wedding as well as the endless opportunity to be creative and original as couples, especially brides-to-be, always put so much effort into making the day perfect.

You might have come to me from one of your friends, or might have even met me at another wedding or event that I’ve photographed. However you’ve arrived, I hope you enjoy viewing my portfolios and I hope that you feel I would be a good choice as your wedding photographer. Please don't be shy to get in touch and discuss your day.


Previous Weddings

Please have a look at my wedding photography portfolio.

I aim to shoot every wedding in a simple, classical, sophisticated, reportage style. I don't like many posed shots and much prefer to catch the unguarded candid moment. I rely heavily on reportage photography - simply photographing things as they happen rather orchestrating too much.

However, there are invariably stage elements that must be included - posed group shots can be the most painful but I make a point of having them done inside 25 minutes - it sometimes helps being in the Army!


Style & Panache

Slowly, calmly and without you even knowing I'm there - discrete and friendly - I'm just another guest with a camera... And yes, of course I'll be in Morning Dress!

I'm sure you have a host of questions about the process and other things, so I've put together a list of the FAQs that I usually get from couples; have a read and if there is anything that remains unclear, please don't hesitate to ping me a message.

The tricky bit


The cost of wedding photography is usually uppermost in couples’ minds. I know that choosing ‘what you want’ vs ‘what you need’ vs ‘what you can afford’ can be complicated and frustrating for couples.

This is not helped by trying to decipher the variety of photographic choices which you face from every photography.

I will hold your hand the whole way through, offering you choices you probably hadn’t even realised were available. I can also help you with many other elements of your wedding should you need it.

I offer a mixed system of wedding photography packages that can be completely ignored if you so chose, and I can give you a completely bespoke package. Again, please just ask.

I've put all the pricing on a separate page, so please do take a look:

Lovely things said about me


If you genuinely are happy with your photographs, I would appreciate it so very much if you put those happy thoughts into words and send them to me...

A bit lost?

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Life has been a bit awkward over the last year or so, but I'm back up and running now so please get in touch through the form below if you want a wedding photography quote. I'd be delighted to hear from you.

Done Properly.