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creating timeless and unforgettable memories

I have a very simple philosophy for wedding photography – dress correctly, be a calming influence from start to finish, be ‘just another guest with a camera’, and, most importantly, take relaxed, epic and timeless photographs which you’ll cherish forever.

Oh, and don’t charge the earth for doing it!

There is more to it, of course, and you can explore my website at your leisure where you’ll find my philosophy & approach to wedding photography, some image galleries and hopefully a lot of your questions answered, but if you want to make an enquiry right, now, just fill out the five fields below and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible:

To be a genuinely excellent wedding photographer, one has to have mastered a plethora of photographic disciplines – news (or reportage) photography to tell the story, portraiture, macro, interior, food and, of course, event photography are all critical. Lacking in any of those areas is very noticeable in a final set of wedding photos, but getting it all right will mean a treasured set of memories forever.

I love the technical challenge of photographing a wedding but also the endless opportunities to be creative and original as couples, especially brides-to-be, always put so much effort into making their day perfect.

There is another other element though that is equally important – to be there and be seen, and yet not be seen. The art of being unobtrusive is one only really learned through experience – unfailingly calm, unflappable, friendly and charming, always in the correct order of dress (be that tails, a suit, or even fancy dress!), and instinctively knowing when to come forward and when to disappear into the background – this is the critical judgement for a top wedding photographer.

And so it really is a huge responsibility and honour to be trusted to faithfully record your wedding day as your wedding photographer – I’m honestly flattered that you are even here reading this.  I understand it is a lifetime decision for you and so I want to help you do everything you can to get the wedding photographs you imagine and with the right photographer, all that stress of having your photograph taken will simply disappear.

I am based on the stunning West Berkshire Downs, but I travel extensively over the UK, Europe, Africa & North America to photograph in all manner of places. However you’ve arrived here though, take a look at my wedding photography portfolio and then fill out the simple form below below and I’ll get straight back to you with all my pricing for 2023.

I very much look forward to hearing from you!

Ed x
Spring 2023

~~~ Present but Unnoticed ~~~


I shoot every wedding in a simple, sophisticated and classical style. I don’t like many posed shots and prefer to catch the unguarded candid moments of people simply enjoying the day. I rely heavily on reportage photography for this – photographing the day as it unfolds rather than orchestrating anything. I’ll be there, but you won’t know it.

Inevitably there are moments when I do have to step in and direct a bit – posed ‘mantlepiece group shots’ are a good example, but I make a point of having them done as quickly as possible. No one likes being absent from their own party!

I’m sure you’ll have a host of other questions about the booking process, as well as a myriad of other details, so find a list of FAQs here which I’ve answered from other couples over the years.

In short, I’m always aiming to just go flow in a calm and unflappable manner, and just capture it all as it unfolds without you even knowing I’m there – just another guest with a camera.

And yes, of course I’ll be in Morning Dress!

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Having been through it myself, I know it’s really tricky to balance what you need vs want vs afford for your wedding – I get it.

As a consequence of Covid, however, I’ve recently switched entirely to a time-based approach, starting from as little as £700 for a couple of hours, which means I’m certain I can do something for all budgets.

On completing the form, a PDF with a comprehensive run-down of all wedding pricings will automatically be emailed to you so you can see how I price everything.

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~~~ The Future ~~~


Your wedding is only the beginning of your story as newly-weds – new houses, children, pets, birthday parties, anniversaries and holidays are all yet to come…

To assist with that, I offer an ongoing lifestyle photography service: for a monthly or quarterly subscription, I will be your family photographer – newborn photography, birthday parties, or simply just an annual family portrait shoot to mark the growing up and coming of age of your children and lives together.

Further, each year, all we will draw all our combined photography into beautiful photography albums so that as your lives pass together, it will be documented into a series of beautiful books to store your memories of you and your family, ready to be handed down to your children.